About Jason Weigand

About Jason WeigandJason Weigand has dedicated much of his daily life and professional career to community, health, sports, and family.

He holds many core values that go along with these topics including things such as honesty, hard work, love, friendship, curiosity, leadership, education, and beyond. No matter what he is currently involved in, Jason Weigand strives to be the best he can be and inspires others to do the same.


As a community leader, Jason Weigand enjoys being involved in a wide variety of community activities, particularly related to youth sports. Weigand has helped improve his local youth sports organizations in a number of ways including coaching, officiating, and organizing leagues.

Jason founded the Liberty Youth Baseball and Softball league in his hometown and has also made great contributions to the Berks County Junior Diamond baseball league.

He is also an active volunteer supporting both the Junior Achievement organization and the Autism Society.


As a father and family man, health and fitness hold a very significant role for Jason Weigand. Staying physically active and eating right helps an individual gain an overall better sense of happiness, confidence, and success. In his family, Weigand encourages plenty of exercise through sports and healthy meals and snacks.


As mentioned above, sports are a great way to stay healthy and physically fit. Sports have always been a major part of everyday life for Jason Weigand. As a kid he was a multi-sport athlete and has since gone on to be a coach, referee, and youth league organizer. Weigand also still enjoys playing recreational sports and playing in the back yard with his kids.


Whether he is engaged in his professional career or personal hobbies, Jason Weigand maintains an overall importance of “family first”. He has managed to incorporate family in both his professional career and daily life, working with and volunteering with kids and displaying strong family values.