Over the course of his life, he has made sports a significant part of both his personal time and professional career. As a kid and student, Jason Weigand was a multi-sport athlete participating in leagues nearly year round for school, summer leagues, and other recreational leagues. During this time, he really pushed himself to be a great team leader and intense competitor while also maintaining the values of teamwork and good sportsmanship.


Since then, Jason Weigand has carried those values with him in his family life and professional career. Jason has stayed highly active in sports in order to inspire others and share the values and life lessons he learned while competing as an athlete and working with a team. Jason has done this in a number of ways including:

Knowing the important life values that sports can teach children, Jason Weigand wanted to ensure that sports were easily accessible to the kids in his local community. Because of this, Weigand set out to organize and manage youth leagues for baseball and softball.

In 2012, Jason founded the Liberty Youth Baseball and Softball league in his hometown. This league quickly became one of the fastest growing baseball organizations across the entire nation building up to a group of over 800 young athletes in just four years.


Jason Weigand has been a sports officiator with the East Coast Football Officials Association (ECFOA) for over 8 years. For the past 5 years, Weigand has also officiated college football for the Division 1-AA division in the NEC. He has held many roles including:

  • Field Judge
  • Side Judge
  • Deep Official

Jason Weigand holds a strong belief in the values and lessons developed through team sports. These lessons include:

  • Treating others with respect
  • Working as a team
  • Challenging oneself
  • Responding to failure
  • Embracing hard work and competition