Beyond coaching and supporting youth leagues, Jason Weigand also supports efforts in improving childhood education as well as health and wellness. As a family man, he understands the importance of setting kids up for success early and keeping them healthy and motivated. Weigand is a big supporter of both the Junior Achievement organization as well as the Autism Society.

Junior Achievement

Jason Weigand is a long time supporter and board member of the Junior Achievement organization. Junior Achievement (JA) is an organization of volunteers that set out to inspire and prepare young individuals to succeed. JA offers unique educational programs for children in kindergarten through twelfth grade that are meant to inspire students to dream big and reach their greatest potential. These programs focus on a variety of areas including:

  • Work-readiness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Literacy Skills

These skills and knowledge areas will help better prepare students for whichever path they decide to take in their professional lives. Whether they decide to head to college, learn a specific trade, or start their own businesses, these students will grasp a better understanding of how to prepare for the future and make smart economic and academic choices along the way.

The Autism Society

For many years, Jason Weigand has been a dedicated volunteer in support of autism awareness. He is an avid supporter of the Autism Society, the leading source for autism related information including:

  • Treatment
  • Education
  • Research
  • Awareness
  • Advocacy

Autism is a complex developmental disability that often occurs in early childhood, challenging a person’s ability to engage socially and communicate and interact with others. Along with many other volunteers, researchers, and supporters, Jason Weigand has helped the Autism Society continue to develop solutions for improving the lives of those affected by autism.